... TRADITIONAL TAI CHI training for our contemporary times, upholding a traditional approach to Tai Chi training, including the martial and internal energy applications.

The purpose of our training is to help students cultivate in-depth knowledge and capability in Tai Chi as both a martial art and health form, while adhering to traditional tenets of Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Here you will experience:

  • Tai Chi training in Yang Cheng Fu & Yang Lo Chan long forms
  • Tai Chi ​knowledge
  • Tai Chi health benefits
  • Qi Gong
  • Mind-body connection
  • ​Push hands

​​Join us  at our Middletown, VA, studio - near Winchester & Stephens City.

Ranna, instructor, demonstrating Tai Chi posture
Yang Cheng Fu - historical photo, single whip posture
Traditional Tai Chi's Chinese dragon medallion.
Historical image of Kung Fu practitioners.
Traditional Tai Chi's Fu Dog logo.
Contact us for training in Australia at
City of Blue Mountains, NSW.
Traditional Tai Chi's Fu Dog logo.
Traditional Tai Chi's visionary dragon image.

What is Traditional Tai Chi?

Training in the old way...

Traditional Tai Chi is communicated person-to-person, by example. Traditional Tai Chi training is completely independent, not affiliated with any organization or hierarchy. Training is conducted as in traditional times in China. Participants gather to train in Tai Chi and Qi Gong for the love of this internal energy art. In the traditional Tai Chi approach, there are no student gradings, belts, or required uniforms. The challenge is the Tai Chi itself. The learning, talent, and autonomy of every student at Traditional Tai Chi is respected. Students are not required to become members of any hierarchical Tai Chi association or affiliated parent Tai Chi organization. Instead, in keeping with the fact that Tai Chi is an internal energy art, students are encouraged to approach their Tai Chi practice as a commitment to themselves, grounded in traditional tenets of Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Our motto: "Let the Tai Chi teach you itself."



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